Essential Bed

Essential Bed was created with YOU in mind.

The founders of Essential Bed have worked in the mattress industry for over 35 years. In that time, we have seen the industry transition in many ways, and in many ways become much less consumer friendly. Consolidation at both the manufacturing and retail levels have resulted in a handful of mega producers controlling the vast majority of the mattress business. As has been the case in many industries, quality and performance are often sacrificed for increased profits and return to shareholders. Most of the “famous name” mattress lines are now subject to what is euphemistically called “fair trade pricing.” We call it price fixing, and it means that these manufacturers and retailers make mega-profits and you, the consumer overpay to own a high quality bed.

Our focus has always been on quality, healthy sleep, and for that reason we have spent many years searching out manufacturers who offer superior beds and features, even if those manufacturers were not as well known. And that is how the Essential Bed came into existence.

Essential Bed is constructed from the most sophisticated, fast reacting and comfortable memory foams produced anywhere in the world. With 50 full time quality engineers, every detail is meticulously analyzed for maximum quality, performance, and purity. All of our products are Certified Pure by independent testing labs, both in the US and overseas. Our foams are made to exacting standards, and never contain fillers or impurities to falsely increase density or weight.

We are proud to proclaim that Essential Bed mattresses and pillows are not only the most comfortable and supportive sleep products available anywhere, but are also significantly lower priced than comparable beds offered by the famous names you are so familiar with (due to them spending hundreds of millions of dollars on marketing and infomercials).

Address: 235 S Dewey St, Somonauk, IL 60552
Phone: (815) 378-5189

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