Twisted Bingo Every Tuesday at 7pm

Board Member Rick Crissip (left) and Volunteer Jim Plomin (right) have fun with Mexican Twist Bingo.

Every Tuesday evening Fox Valley Community Center hosts a different twist on the always popular Bingo games.

As of September 12th the Wildstar jackpot is over $3000 and the Queen of Hearts jackpot is over $1050.  For just 1 dollar you can be the lucky winner of either of these pots. Doors open and cards go on sale at 6:00 PM.  Games start at 7 PM.  There is a full line of snacks and a cash bar available.  Come 3 Tuesdays in a row and join the Frequent Player Club (FPC) which entitles the bearer to reserved seating, extra door prize chances and a discount on food and drinks.

  A different fun twist will be held every week.  Join our team of volunteers for added fun and the chance to help out a worthy cause. 


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