FVCS 2024 Trip Lineup

🎊🌍 Buckle up travelers! 🌍🎊

We are really taking the scenic route at Good Time Travel as we chart new paths and head for exciting destinations in 2024! Discover where you could be joining us:

March 27: Enjoy the hearty laughter at the performance of “Church Basement Ladies” at Circa 21 $119

April 6-14: Experience the balmy charm of Myrtle Beach $1349

April 23: Revel in a day with Barbie at the Jacob Henry Mansion Estate $89

April 28: Step back in time with “Chaps” at the Barn III Dinner Theater $139

May 22: Discover the quaint town of Greendale, Wisconsin

May 30: Cheer on the Cubs vs. Brewers in Milwaukee; don’t forget your peanuts! $99

June 13: Indulge in a nostalgic Celebration Cruise filled with Classic Oldies $139

June 24-27: Embark on a Mystery Trip to Dearborn, Michigan ???

July 15-16: Experience authentic Amish culture in Shipshewana $329

July 24: Join in the fun of “Menopause The Musical” $119

August 15: Marvel at the stunning Architecture Tour in the heart of Chicago $139

August 26-31: Explore the serene beauty of Mackinaw Island $999

September 17: Retrace history with a Lincoln Tour along Route 66 in Springfield $149

December 11: Dive into the holiday spirit with “Miracle on 34th Street” at Fireside $139

December 28-January 2: Round off the year with the spectacular Rose Bowl Parade $1898 dbl puls air fare.

Stay tuned for more details on each trip and mark your calendars. There’s a world waiting to be explored in 2024!

For inquiries and information 📞 Call Becky at 815-786-9404.